About Us

The Soldiers of Christ Healing Ministry, Incorporated is a Catholic Charismatic (Transparochial) Community.  It focuses mainly on spiritual and physical healing, evangelization through (Christ On The Block), and activities, programs and services that respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters.


     It was 1981 when Bro. Alberto “Ting” Arcadio received a message form God. He dreamt of bringing souls to the kingdom of God and giving communion in the appearance of a priest and forming groups in various places. These dreams prompted him to organize a community through the intercession of the Holy Spirit.

     The name Soldiers of Christ was chosen by drawing of lots. From the list of the suggested names, one name kept on being drawn. And to resolve the issue of disagreement, a child was called to draw, the name Soldiers of Christ stood still.

     May 1989, Archbishop Jaime L. Cardinal Sin appointed Rev. Fr. Edgardo B. Merin, parish Priest of our Lady of Assumption Parish as spiritual director of the congregation up to 1996.

     Soldiers of Christ Healing Ministry, Incorporated was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 23, 1990 with registry no. 172708.

     Then, on July 1990 through the endorsement of Bishop Teodoro C. Bacani, Jr. D.O., the community became member of Federation of Transparochial Charismatic Communities.

     From year 1996 up to the present, Bishop Teodoro C. Bacani, Jr. serves as spiritual director

     Presently the community continuously upholds the two important commandments of the Lord “to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and Spirit and to love others as yourself.”


     We envision an evangelizing community of Love by presenting the Truth amidst the ignorance and turmoil of people in all walks of life through intensive preaching of the word of God, thereby helping many Christian families be set free form all bondages and snares of the evil ones.